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Our organisational culture is based on the values of openness, teamwork and responsibility.

In our operations, we are guided by clearly defined principles of ethical conduct, internal regulations, applicable laws, corporate social responsibility and transparency. The Code of Ethics of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego constitutes a collection of values, rules and standards which we follow in business and social operations.

Management in the area of sustainable development

In early 2023, the ESG Committee was set up to coordinate activities related to sustainable development, manage ESG factors and develop the ESG competence centre at the Bank. The Committee is composed of representatives of key units from the perspective of management of ESG issues and leaders responsible for coordinating the Bank’s environmental, social and governance activities:

Chief ESG Officer - function performed by a member of the Management Board

Environmental Officer

Social Officer

Governance Officer

Members representing other areas of the Bank

Ład zarządczy

All members of the Management Board have been assigned objectives in line with the ESG philosophy

more than 130

employees of the Bank have joined the Sustainable Development Ambassador Programme