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Jedyny taki bank

We build BGK’s organisational culture based on our values of openness, teamwork and responsibility, in line with our mission.

We make efforts not only to enhance the competences of our employees, but also to care for their wellbeing and ensure effective cooperation.

At the end of 2023, we employed 2,320 persons

At the end of 2023 we employed 2,320 persons
  • 60.6% women
  • 39.4% men

We care for the diversity and equal treatment of our workforce

We apply the principles of equal treatment, we do not discriminate candidates or employees due to gender, age, degree of disability, race, religion, nationality, political convictions, union affiliation, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.

45% of senior management are women
3.5% Equal Pay Gap ratio
1.7% of employees are people
with disabilities

We provide a friendly working atmosphere and we facilitate continuous development

We give employees an opportunity to participate in projects of unique nature and scale in the market.

19.4% ratio of newly hired employees
7.3% employee turnover
97,433 number of training hours attended by BGK's employees
60.4% of candidates would strongly recommend participating in the recruitment process held by BGK to people with a similar profile