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Creation of value

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BGK's strategy for 2021-2025 is based on five pillars:

Sustainable development
Social commitment
International business and cooperation
Digital and process transformation
Effective management model

We monitor the economic environment and we support and stabilise the market.

We actively respond to external factors:

  • sustainable economic development - to take countercyclical measures,
  • low-carbon economy - to make our economy grow in a sustainable way,
  • territorial cohesion - to promote the economic integrity of all regions of the country,
  • use of EU funds - to keep an appropriate level of investment in the economy.

Using the available resources, we create value for our stakeholders.

Value creation model


  • PLN 356 billion of generated new support for the economy thanks to own financing granted, commissioned actvities and mobilised capital, of which PLN 59 billion was awarded under the de minimis guarantee programme
  • we obtained a second credit rating, thanks to which we diversified our sources of financing by carrying out issues of notes in the US and Japan
  • guarantees provided from the National Guarantee Fund and the Crisis Guarantee Fund enabled the provision of PLN 81.5 billion in loans
  • 205 social economy entities as beneficiaries of our support
  • 10,000 beneficiaries of the “Voluntary service is great!” programme
  • we took the 3rd place in the Polish Top Employer ranking, the highest among banks
  • our project “Sustainable development” won the 1st place in the IPMA Polish Project Excellence Award 2023 in the organisational projects category

Business model programmes

The business foundation for the implementation of strategic objectives are the business model programmes, through which we fulfill the mission and vision in relation to the needs of the economy.

Industrial development
Infrastructure, transport and logistics
Entrepreneurship development
Strategic security
Public finance
Social and territorial cohesion
Wworzenie wartości

SMEs struggle to obtain financing due to lack of credit history or insufficient collateral. Guarantees and sureties can improve their creditworthiness, allowing them to access higher loans.


business entities used BGK's portfolio guarantee facilities in 2023. One in four zlotys of the total loan to SMEs is covered by collateral in the form of a de minimis guarantee.