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Sustainable development

Sustainable development is one of the core pillars of BGK's strategy for 2021-2025. Our strategic approach to sustainability is reflected in the goals of our business model programmes.

In 2023, we have launched an offer “Financing to support sustainable investment”, in which we include criteria linked to sustainable development.

Poziom 2 ratingu ESG
"2" rating from ESG Sustainable Fitch
PLN 1.7 bn of financing provided in compliance with Sustainability Linked Loan Principles (SLL), where the margin depends on the achievement of predefined goals related to ESG matters.
Branża transportowa

The transportation industry is a significant contributor to carbon dioxide emissions. In 2021, the share of transportation in CO2 emissions was 29.2% in the European Union and 20.8% in Poland (70.4 million t CO2eq)1.

40,377 t CO2eq

annual decline in CO2eq emissions from transportation thanks to BGK's project financing agreements

1 Source: UTK,,Emisja-dwutlenku-wegla-CO2.html, for: Europejska Agencja Środowiska, Statistical Pocketbook 2022

Social commitment

Our role in developing social capital and fostering equal opportunities is reflected in our support for education, culture, sports and respect for the environment.

We encourage employees to engage in volunteer projects to support local communities and together build the social capital.

over 5,500 hours of assistance to people in need provided by BGK's employees
677 employees engaged in voluntary work
more than 10,000 beneficiaries received assistance

We carry out activities for social economy entities (SEEs).

264 jobs declared to be created in 2023 at SEEs as a result of using the loans under the Knowledge, Education and Development Operational Programme
PLN 63 million allocated for liquidity loans and sureties for SEEs

We support accessibility for people with special needs, we act as the operator of the Accessibility Fund.

PLN 130 million in loans advanced in 2023
Ograniczenia w poruszaniu

There are about 10 million people with mobility impairment in Poland, and only less than 30% of public entities are seated in barrier-free buildings.2.


estimated annual number of people using buildings where architectural barriers have been eliminated or reduced thanks to support from BGK.

2 Source:

International business and cooperation

We contribute to increasing the international competitiveness of the Polish economy by:

  • supporting export and expansion of Polish enterprises,
  • attracting high-quality foreign investment and financial partnerships,
  • creating international financial solutions,
  • strengthening relations with international institutions.
PLN 1.9 billion

the total amount of export and foreign expansion financing provided by us in 2023 (under the Financial Exports Support Government Programme and as part of own activities)

143 foreign projects of Polish enterprises received our support

We have three representative offices:

in Brussels
in Frankfurt am Main
in London

Digital and process transformation

The rollout of digital technologies in BGK accounts for a comprehensive view of modern trends and challenges in the area of digitisation of financial institutions. We have successfully deployed modern systems that integrate and perform key business processes and functions (e.g. electronic channels, payment platform).

We have also been reducing the level of technical debt. At the same time, we provide modern work tools, we make work faster, easier and safer. The key elements of the pillar are automation and robotisation, which reduce repetitive work and allow employees to focus on strategic development tasks.

Digital and process transformation

Effective management model

At present, we are focusing on issues related to, among other things, adjustment of conditions to interdisciplinary work, building a feedback culture, and building informal matrix structures of projects.

To facilitate interdisciplinary work, we have implemented IT tools. They enhance communication within teams – including during work in hybrid mode. Matrix-based teams stimulate the potential of employees and forge synergies between different competence areas.

Financial performance

PLN 3,150

net profit of BGK

PLN 5,127

income from banking activities of BGK

PLN 56,377

credit exposure of BGK - the highest on record

PLN 115,068

off-balance-sheet exposure to loans and guarantees of BGK




cost to income ratio of BGK