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Economic and geopolitical events that occurred in 2023 had a significant impact on the social situation in Poland.

In 2023, we faced many economic challenges such as inflation, rising labour costs, climate challenges, geopolitical tensions and the ongoing war in Ukraine, which has entered its third year. The absorptive power of the labour market and shield programmes mean that the social situation in Poland remains stable, despite such a large influx of refugees from Ukraine and the numerous challenges that come with it.


We engage our stakeholders in dialogue on sustainability matters through communication channels adjusted to the needs of specific groups. Our key stakeholders are assigned to the following main categories:

Internal stakeholders
Regulatory environment
Market environment
Business partners and clients
Cooperating institutions/organisations
Social environment

In 2023, once again we organised external discussion panels with key stakeholders of BGK in accordance with the AA1000SES standard.

Customer experience

We work on relations with clients in five areas:

building a culture in which clients are at the centre of focus
customer experience management
measurements and analysis relating to customer experience
customer experience diagnostics
customer experience design

We make effort to build partnership-based relations with our clients. Their opinions are the basis for planning and implementing initiatives.

82% of respondents believe that our responses to complaints are clear and understandable
86% of survey participants consider the response time as appropriate
4% rate of complaint appeals